How do I use it?

FRANK Bottle. The perfect tea accessory for the modern tea drinker that likes to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The leaves can remain in the infuser all day, add some fresh herbs for extra flavour.  Take the FRANK tea maker bottle along on your daily work commute, or trip to the supermarket. Or, frankly, just to look stylish.

Step-by-Step Guide
  • 1
    Best used for your cold steeps
  • 2
    Spoon desired quantity of loose tea leaves into the infuser
  • 3
    Close the bottom tightly and turn bottle around
  • 4
    Open top lid and pour cold or lukewarm water in
  • 5
    Let it steep for 30min
  • 5
    Enjoy your FRANK iced-tea on the go

Where is it produced?

The FRANK tea maker bottle is produced in Zhejiang, an eastern coastal province of China, bordered by Shanghai municipality to the North.

Working conditions in the factory are currently unknown to us. We base our decision to source the tea maker bottle from this particular factory purely on personal judgement. Communication with the factory sales representative Karida is mostly via WhatsApp, however co-founder David has received a valentine love letter from her via e-mail.


The bottle is constructed out of single sided borrosillated glas, which is ideal for carrying cold steeps. It is covered by a cotton sleeve that provides better grip onto the bottle. The bottle is best cleaned by handwash. It can be used in the dishwasher, but the sleeve might become loose or wear off.